Cape Ridge Rhodesian  Ridgebacks



**Upcoming Spring 2020 Puppy Litter

Please fill out our questionnaire if you are interested in our 2020 litter, puppies due mid-January, will be ready to go to their forever homes mid-March.

Ruby was bred to CH Shabani's Sher Khan 11/17/2019.

This coming litter will be our first litter from Cape Ridge Jewel Of Glenaholm (Ruby), who is the daughter of Nyah x Obi.

Sher Khan










2016 Puppy Litter

CH Cape Ridge's Hottentot Princess Of Ushamwari (Nyah) was be bred to 

Glenaholm Beating Heart Of Cape Ridge (Obi)

*All our beautiful Fall 2016 puppies went to their forever homes in October.

2012 Puppy Litter

CH Ushamwari's Most Beautiful, QC (Alika) was bred to 

MBIS AM CDN CH Tumomak Simbamoyo, JC (Simba) on March 24th 2012. Puppies went home at the end of July 2012.

Alika's April 26th ultrasound scan
Alika's x-ray Monday 21st May

Puppy photos - 10 Pups newborn to 1 week old

Puppies at 2 weeks old

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Puppies at 3 1/2 weeks old

Puppies at 6 weeks old

Puppies at 8 weeks old

The Proud Parents

CH Ushamwari's Most Beautiful - Alika


Planning a litter usually involves a time frame of several years! From initially showing the dam to her conformation championship and then waiting until she’s mature at 2 years of age. At this time most of the medical clearances are pursued. While doing this we cast an eye towards the conformation ring to see what stud dog would be complimentary with the dam’s positive points and to fill in her weaknesses. Pedigree comparisons are also done. We will conduct an out cross breeding which will allow for a great deal of diversity in genetic make-up. This is not to say that line breeding is not beneficial but for this breeding, it is our position to use out crosses for the diversity it provides.

Anticipating the breeding involves taking the future mother to a fertility veterinarian to do a medical work-up. Suggestions for diet, vitamins or supplements are made during this visit. It’s also time to contact the stud dog owner to iron out details - these details are enumerated in contract form and signed by both the stud dog owner and the owner of the dam. At the signing a discussion of whether the breeding will be a live cover, or artificial insemination using fresh collected or frozen semen is decided. Hoping for a successful conclusion to the breeding process can be confirmed as early as 17 days post mating with a sonogram. Usually at day 28 palpation by an experienced veterinarian can give similar results. Alternatives are a sonogram or a blood test that determines the amount of relaxin produced by the dam which indicates fertilization. After day 55 if birth occurs the pups should easily survive and to confirm the number of pups an x-ray can be safely done. Between day 60-63 the dam should go into her nesting pattern and labor after which the fruits of the past will reveal itself! The dam is the central character for care so that she can nurture her family. To realize that in nature she could have done all this by herself is a humbling view of life.